Dinja Waħda – 24.11.16

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Today our RC hosted the Dinja Waħda National event. We were honoured with the presence of Hon Chris Agius – Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport, Schools SMTs, teachers and students. The Administration would like to thank the Dinja Wahda staff for the opportunity and their positive comments about our work – you made us blush!! We would like to thank all the staff who guided the students to achieve the Gold Award. Last but not least we would also like to thank our College Precincts Officer for his help and our ancillary staff for their support.

1st SDP – 18.11.16

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1st SDP for this scholastic year was held this morning at our Resource Centre. This SDP included very interesting talks on new resources in our Sensory Motor Section and also about Multisensory Studio. Ms Giannella Attard, occupational therapist gave staff information about circle time and Sensory Integration. Class issues, action plans, talks by SMT and by Speech Language Pathologist Marc Frendo were also discussed

Parents’ Meeting – 14.10.16

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On the 14th October 2016 we had an Open Day at our Resource Centre and also a Pink October activity. Mr N Agius, head of Resource Centre addressed this Open Day and talked about procedures and issues at our Resource Centre. Ms Rita Brincat, a breast cancer survivor spoke about this illness. Parents bought souvenirs in aid of the Pink October and also a Maltese ftira made by our staff and students. All parents showed participation and collaborated throughout the whole morning.