Clay Heart with Seeds CH 001 €1Clay Pendant CP 001 €1Clay Swan Key Hanger CS 001 €2.50c

Mosaic Pot with Seeds POT 002 €2.50c Painted Pot with Seeds POT 001 €2.50c Seed Paper SP 001 €1

Steel Figures Series I - STL 001 €2 Steel Figures Series II - STL 002 €2Steel Figures Series III - STL 003 €2

Steel Figures Series IV - STL 004 €2 Tree TR001 €1

2 thoughts on “Souvenirs

  1. Good evening,

    My fiance and I would like the children at the school to make the souvenirs for our wedding on 29/06/18. Would that be possible please? What do we need to do?

    Thanks and kind regards

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