Visit by The Marigold Foundation

Celebrating Pink October – Achieve – Visit by The Marigold Foundation

The students at Wardija Resource Centre participated actively in various fund raising activities to promote awareness on breast cancer during Pink October. A donation was given to Ms Michelle Muscat on behalf of Marigold Foundation. Special thanks goes to Achieve Programme and HSBC for supporting this event.


Definitely a day to remember marked our calendar by the visit of Her Excellency, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta. The students did an outstanding performance to welcome her excellency. In the name of our College Principal, Head of Centre and SLT, many thanks go to all the educators that with dedication and commitment made this event possible.

Active School Flag Award

BRONZE AWARD – 6th June 2018

Two of our students represented our Centre to proudly receive the  Active School Flag .This award was given as a result of the centre’s  initiatives and commitment to organize several activites and events during the scholastic year.  The students were provided with knowledge and practise for  a healthier life style and more active time,to ensure that sports, physical activity and wellbeing  plays an important part in their developement and  educational experience.


31st May 2018-Parent and Student Activity

31st of May…A day filled with outdoor activities with the the parents on board.The day started off with a clean up around our Organic Garden ,whilst others did some gardening.In the meantime the students enjoyed some time with our regular visitors … the ponies….The day ended with a gather up of all the students,staff and parents in order to enjoy a grilled meal together.Thanks to all those who participated and also to those who worked endlessly for the day to be a success.

Water Festival Event – 11th May 2018

Today, Friday 11th May a water festival event was organized by the Centre. Throughout the Water Explorer Project, all groups participated in several ways. The students’ input varied from preparing charts with powerful messages on saving water, presentations, sensory aquarium and a video clip. We would like to thank those parents who attended  and also a  special thanks to you @WATER EXPLORER MALTA and @HSBC for giving us the opportunity to be active participants in this project and for funding given towards the installation of a reverse osmosis and the necessary maintenance .

Fun Walk – San Martin 10th May 2018

A yearly appointment scheduled around May is the walk to Għar San Martin from the resource centre and back. The favourable weather and ongoing encouragement from staff and parents enabled most of the students, to succeed, each at own pace and style, to arrive at Għar San Martin were a mass was celebrated.