Animal Awareness Week 16th-20th October 2017

Another year, another week marked with activities related with animal awareness. Our students were given the opportunity to come in touch with several types of animals that were hosted at our centre. Nothing beats hands-on learning and the interest and excitement shown by our students once they could personally handle the animals was in  itself a confirmation of this.

Dinja Waħda Ceremony – 12.10.17

On Thursday 12th October, three students together with Dinja Waħda coordinator, a member of staff and the Assistant Head were invited to attend the Dinja Waħda ceremony. During the celebration our students received two awards – Silver for Action for Biodiversity and Gold for Connecting with Nature.
This year, our Centre will be participating in Dinja Waħda Project once again. Its aim is to promote environmental education. As a Centre, we are giving importance to the local environment as we believe that we can make a difference.


     BBQ (75)      


On Wednesday 31st May, 2017 the School Council together with the staff and the EkoSkola Team organised a Waste-Free BBQ at our Resource Centre. The day started off with Holy Mass, with the participation of students, staff and parents. A Pottery Session for parents was held after Mass,followed by a treasure hunt for parents, staff and students. Similar to last year, this BBQ was organised as a present for the achievements our students gained throughout this scholastic year. Food included a starter, chicken burger, potatoes, cheese sausage, bread, mini fruit kebab and water. May Lottery was held at the end of the BBQ. 1st Prize: A Hamper Red October was won by Amber Ulhaq, 2nd Prize: An Electric Kettle donated by JB Stores was won by Leanne Chircop, 3rd Prize: A Bottle of Champagne was won by Chris Grech and a Flower Pot donated by Green Supplies Ltd was won by A Coleiro. It was an enjoyable day thanks to all involved.



Achieve – HSBC Program 26.04.17

The Hon Minister of Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo and the Hon Dr Justine Caruana, Parliamentary Secretary for Rights of People with Disability and Active Ageing visited our Resource Centre today, together with members of HSBC and Achieve Program to commemorate the work carried out by the team of elderly and our students, for the Supporting Others in the Community Achieve objective. Students from Maria Regina College Middle School Naxxar also joined us on this occasion in planting herbs and also got involved in a penalty shoot out with players from Xewkija Tigers


Sponsored Walk – 11.04.17

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On the initiative of the School Council, a sponsored walk was held on 11th April, 2017 from our Resource Centre to St Martin’s Grotto and back. A Mass was said at the Grotto with the participation of students, staff and parents/carers.

Sounds Out Loud – 07.04.17

Founded in 2016, Sounds Out Loud is a project initiated by the Johann Strauss School of Music in conjunction with the Valletta 2018 Foundation. The project meets young people through the djembe and gathers them together to make one powerful and empowering sound.
Rhythm is fundamental to all human beings with their own individual p
ulse. Listening and responding to that individual pulse is an essential skill when working with young people of mixed abilities. Group work brings together a common pulse which encourages the individual to feel part of a whole.
Sounds Out Loud is a project that meets the core of each student th
rough sensitive musical interaction. Through the use of musical elements such as tempi and dynamics, the leader meets the young participant, incorporating it into a whole sound. Rhythmic work has been found to motivate the person beyond what is possible on a day-to-day basis. It urges the young student to participate, enjoy and sound out.
This year, Sounds Out Loud has been brought to the Dun Manwel Attard Resource Centre, where around 35 students are participating in an 8-week workshop learning about expression through djembe-playing as well as teamwork skills through unity in performance. After this period, Senegalese drummer and djembe player, Moussé Ndiaye will lead a week long course of workshops in April, which will lead to a final performance on Friday 7th April 2017 where the entire group will be joined by other participants as well as percussion students to showcase the skills gained during this project.
Music therapist Rosetta Debattista leads this three-year project working alongside local percussionists with children and young people of different abilities.