Charity Day 2011 raises €828 in aid of ‘Puttinu Cares’

Zumba Preparing Salads Burgers

On the initiative of some enthusiastic staff members, a day dedicated for charity was organised for the first time at the Wardija Young Adult Education Resource Centre, with astounding success. The beneficiary for this first occasion was ‘Puttinu Cares’.

On Friday, May 27th, several activities were organised at the Resource Centre which included:

  • Car Wash
  • Indoor Tournaments
  • Zumba Dance Session
  • Hairdressing
  • Make-Up and Eye-Brow Shaping
  • Hand Massage
  • Several Food Items for Sale
  • Photoshoot

These activities were prepared by some of the staff, with the help and collaboration of many students. The total sum raised from contributions and participation in the above mentioned events, was a staggering €827.98 which was considered to be very encouraging for the first time such an event was held.

Snooker Car Wash Henna painting

Ms. Mary Rose Bugeja, Treasurer of ‘Puttinu Cares Malta’, spoke to the students about the importance of the charitable organisation she represents, and about how the funds will be used to support families who have children suffering from cancer.

The cheque of €828 shall be presented to Mr. Andrew Bugeja, spokesperson and representative of ‘Puttinu Cares – Malta’, on Thursday June 9th, at the Resource’s Centre’s Main Hall, when addressing all the students and staff whilst also thanking them for their noteable efforts.

Achievement Day 2011 – A Huge Success!

DPP_0607     DPP_0609     DPP_0611

DPP_0614      DPP_0636      DPP_0659

DPP_0665      DPP_0675      DPP_0677

There are no words to describe the huge success achieved by our students in this year’s Achievement Day that was held on Friday May 13th in the evening.

The drama play, “Joseph and the Techni-coloured Dream Coat”, directed by Mr. Mark Agius, Drama and Music teacher, has reached a ‘level of perfection’, as described by Mr. Agius himself. There were months of work on the costumes, props and also countless rehearsals to produce such a magnificent show of talent and enjoyment.

DPP_0730      Misc 109      Misc 123


Centre participates in College’s Science Fair Exhibition

Science Fair     Science Fair      Science Fair

Click here to view a short video clip featuring the Science Fair Exhibition that was broadcasted on TVM News of May 3rd, 2011.

Herbal Oils     Ingredients for Herbal Oil     Participants

As part of a College Based event, Wardija Resource Centre participated in a science activity, where students were asked to organise and present a science stand at St. Paul’s Bay Primary School.

Five students from our Resource Centre took part in this activity; Nathaniel Piscopo, Edwin Scicluna, Leanne Fenech, Jason Abdilla and Sherika Asare. They were assisted by Ms. Cristina Barbara and Ms. Rachel Bajada.

It was decided that our stand would present the process of infusion through making herbal oil, and the Wardija students would explain this process to the students visiting our stand. The ingredients were bought and students were able to make the herbal oil themselves. Each student was given a script and this was practiced during the process of making the herbal oil to be used for tasting during the science activity itself. Various charts were made which were then displayed at St. Paul’s Bay school. These were also used to explain the process of infusion and making herbal oil to the visiting students . 

During the science activity, students from the different schools of Maria Regina College visited our stand. Our students explained the process of infusion to the other mainstream students. They then demonstrated the process of making herbal oil and how infusion resulted in the scent and taste of the herbs entering the oil and changing its scent and taste.

Once the oil was made, students were given the opportunity to taste the herbal oil made by Wardija students a few months prior to the activity. In order to summarise the event, leaflets that described the process of infusion and gave some informatin on herbal oil were distributed to the visiting students. Wardija students then asked the visiting Teachers whether they would like to purchase a bottle of herbal oil!

New Multi-Sensory Studio completed

DSC_0285     DSC_0286      DSC_0288

Our Resource Centre can now boast of having the latest state-of-the-art Multi-Sensory studio. Works have been completed by a group of English workmen, directed by Mr. Mike Ayres.

This long dreamt project was possible thanks to funds donated to the Resource Centre by the Wardija Residents Association,  PlayMobil Malta Ltd., Mc. Donald’s, Inner Wheel Club Malta and Express Trailers Ltd..

DSC_0290      DSC_0292      DSC_0301  

A Multi-Sensory Room allows people to explore, learn, understand and communicate more effectively using all the senses they have available. A Multi-Sensory environment offers people wonderfully varied and exciting sensory stimulation. They include specialised equipment for auditory, visual, tactile and olfactory experiences and they can be controlled by anyone, whatever their ability. The studio is equipped with the latest lighting and audio technology, a water bed, bubble tube, optic fibres,  fluorescent ceiling, amongst many others.