Visit to the President at San Anton Palace

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On Friday, June 24th, our Resource Centre visited his Excellency Dr. George Abela, President of Malta, following an invitation to visit his Palace in San Anton Gardens at Attard. The highlight of this visit was a small concert that was prepared by our students for the occasion. The percussion band played popular music themes the likes of: “When the Saints go Marching In”, “The Entertainer”, “Pomp and Circumstance” and the popular “Bolero” of M. Ravel. All students played an instrument, some with assistance from the supporting staff. The concert was held in one of the main halls at the President’s residence.

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After the performance, Mr. A. Galea, Head of the Resource Centre, made a short speech to describe the work that was carried out during this scholastic year, highlighting the needs of the Resource Centre and of the students in particular. In turn, Dr. Abela also commented on the ability the students followed with precision the beats of the musical items and the perfect co-ordination of the playing. He said he was very happy with the work that is being carried out at our Resource Centre. Later, Nicholas Falzon and Jason Abdilla, two ‘senior’ students, each presented a small gift to the President of Malta. Refreshments followed after the ceremony.

Sports Day delight at Cottonera Sports Complex

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The Wardija Young Adult Resource Centre held its Annual Sports Day on June 23rd, 2011, alongside the Guardian Angel Secondary Resource Centre. Sports Day was held at the Cottonera Sports Arena for all the students, in an atmosphere of fun and entertaining games for all, away from the usual daily routine.

Guardian Angel Students      Football      Tug-of-War

Our students participated in several sport activities such as games involving hoola-hoops, water games, relays, hockey, football and tug-of-war, among others. Accompanying music kept the beat up as the students enjoyed themselves whilst engaging in physical activity.

Sport is being given a lot of promotion nowadays, as it is so important and needed by all students. It forms part of every curriculum that emphasises healthy lifestyles and holistic education. In our Sports Day there were no winners or losers – showing respect to our opponents and fair play were among the virtues the Centre embraces profusely.