Home Economics

On the 16th, 20th and 21st of May, teachers from the Home Economics Centre paid a visit to our Resource Centre and explained the importance and benefits of healthy eating to our students. These 3 sessions were all an extension of topics covered during PSD and ILS lessons.

In the first part of the session, the students were shown a visual powerpoint presentation in the Centre’s Hall about healthy food items and their influence on a human being’s diet. They also explained in detail what are the healthy food items and the amount of consumption required for a balanced diet. The students also had the opportunity to ask and answer questions.

During the second part of the session, the students were each given a work station to prepare the ingredients needed for a pasta salad. The students were guided by these teachers from the Home Economics Dept. and aided by their ILS teachers and resective class LSAs. All ingredients that were utilised were bought beforehand by the students themselves and their teachers. Most ingredients were fresh vegetables that were peeled and sliced into pieces by the students themselves, enhancing the skills acquired during previous similar sessions during the ILS sessions. A separate group boiled the pasta in the Centre’s kitchen. In no time at all an enticing plate of salad and pasta was ready for each student to tuck in! Needless to say the students enjoyed it and it was very delicious. Moreover they had the opportunity to enhance acquired skills practised throughout the year in a hands-on experience. >>

Sponsored Walk – 10.05.13

The Sponsored Walk activity was organised on Friday 10th May, 2013. Such an activity was planned in the light of promotion of fitness and increasing awareness upon the importance of exercise in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. This activity takes place annually within Resource Centre usually during the month of May.

The majority of students, supervised by the staff, walked from the Resource Centre through the countryside of Wardija, up to St. Martin’s Cave.  This is approximately a forty-five minute walk, thus no easy challenge for the students.  Furthermore, for the first time, a number of students cycled as an alternative to walking. Such an approach, promoted another means of physical activity; cycling. This was carried out under the supervision of staff members. When all were gathered at the cave, students participated in a Mass which was celebrated by Fr Donald Bellizzi. The statue of the Virgin Mary was also crowned during the event. When the Mass was over, the walk was then resumed.

The sponsored walk is also a fund raising activity as all students are encouraged to collect donations from family and friends for their participation in the walk. This increases their motivation and helps them to feel an important part in the development of the Resource Centre. The sum collected this year amounted to €804.