Parents’ Meeting – 29.01.2014

Parents' MeetingParents' MeetingParents' Meeting

Parents' MeetingParents' MeetingParents' Meeting

Parents of the young adults attending the Resource Centre at Wardija were invited to attend a talk on Wednesday 29th January, 2014.

There was quite a good turnout of parents who were addressed by Dr. Christopher Sciberras M.D. Dr. Sciberras’ presentation focused on the services provided for persons with disability. The parents found this presentation to be not only interesting but also very valid since it addressed issues which they have to face on a daily basis. A number of questions were asked by the audience.

Following this presentation the team coordinating the Job Exposure Scheme (JES) informed the audience about the JES. To do so they made a presentation explaining the selection process for this Scheme, the objectives of the Scheme and how they are collaborating with members of staff at the Centre to widen the scope of learning being provided at the Centre. A video of the participants was also shown to the parents. A number of questions/comments were then made by the audience.

Lavendar Fields – 16.01.14

During a vibrant activity that brought together the strengths of the entire Wardija Resource Centre’s team, over 300 lavender saplings were planted and with great enthusiasm the Centre’s ‘Lavender Field’ was brought to life. The Centre’s youngsters, their parents, staff, students from sister schools as well as the Centre’s extended network all joined forces and worked together on a laborious mission that has now gifted the Centre with a patch of this unique herb.

Read more about this herb and the event in the Wardija Resource Centre’s magazine coming out soon!

Tree Planting at Xrobb l-Għaġin – 15.01.14

Tree planting from yaerc on Vimeo.

21st September 2013 marked the 10thAnniversary of the Plant a tree for Peace which is widely celebrated in more than 150 countries. This event is coordinated by Environment Online- ENO which is a global virtual school network for sustainable development. ENO made a strong commitment in Rio+20 Summit of planting 100 million trees by 2017.
Malta participated with a major tree planting event on Arbor Day on Wednesday 15th January 2014. LEAF Malta in joint collaboration with 34U organised a local tree planting event to symbolize commitment in issues which affect us as global world citizens. The Wardija Resource Centre, which is a LEAF school participated with great enthusiasm and joined other schools in this noble cause. Only indigenous tree species were to be planted and the Wardija Resource Centre’s EkoSkola Committee students and staff all took part and during the event also participated in workshops about trees, insects and local traditions.
Read more about this event in the Wardija Resource Centre’s magazine coming out soon!

Waste Separation Activity – 08.01.2014

Waste Seperation ActivityWaste Seperation ActivityWaste Seperation Activity

Waste SeperationWaste SeperationWaste SeperationWaste Seperation ActivityWaste Seperation ActivityWaste Seperation Activity

On a beautiful Wednesday morning, some students from Group 3 together with their teacher and LSA participated in a hands-on waste separation activity during a Community Based Activity session as part of their curriculum related to Personal Development.

The students carried bags of shredded paper and plastic bottles to the nearest bring-in site close to the Centre. The students had a brief introduction about the importance of recycling used material and different waste separation methods. They were also reminded about the colours of the four major waste bins – brown for glass, black for metal, white for paper and light blue for plastic.

Later on, the students disposed of the waste material in the appropriate waste recipient with minimal help. This activity was enjoyed by the students who reinforced their awareness about the importance of caring for our environment in an effective manner.