Waste Separation Activity – 08.01.2014

Waste Seperation ActivityWaste Seperation ActivityWaste Seperation Activity

Waste SeperationWaste SeperationWaste SeperationWaste Seperation ActivityWaste Seperation ActivityWaste Seperation Activity

On a beautiful Wednesday morning, some students from Group 3 together with their teacher and LSA participated in a hands-on waste separation activity during a Community Based Activity session as part of their curriculum related to Personal Development.

The students carried bags of shredded paper and plastic bottles to the nearest bring-in site close to the Centre. The students had a brief introduction about the importance of recycling used material and different waste separation methods. They were also reminded about the colours of the four major waste bins – brown for glass, black for metal, white for paper and light blue for plastic.

Later on, the students disposed of the waste material in the appropriate waste recipient with minimal help. This activity was enjoyed by the students who reinforced their awareness about the importance of caring for our environment in an effective manner.