Valentine’s Day – 14.02.14

On Friday 14th February, the students and staff of Group 8 presented their second Dismissal activity that was entirely dedicated to St. Valentine’s Day. The students explained to their audience the history and traditions behind this special day dedicated to lovers and special friends.
During the second part of Group 8’s dismissal activity, the short presentation above was shown. The photo story clearly illustrates in a very visual manner the process and steps entailed in making small chocolate hearts. All the students in Group 8 took part in this original activity and around 150 small chocolates were carefully prepared. They were then given out as a small treat to all the students and staff present for Valentine’s Day activity held in the Centre’s main hall. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ALL!

EkoSkola Embellishment of Green Areas

The Wardija Resource Centre EkoSkola team organised an ‘Embellishment of Green Areas’ day within the Centre’s grounds. In a fruitful collaboration with the Agriculture Directorate, the Plant Health Directorate and Environmental Landscapes Consortium Ltd. (ELC) 8 olive and citrus trees, a number of oriental shrubs and 180 flowering plants were planted around the Centre’s gardens and green areas. Thanks to the efforts of all these entities as well as the priceless work of the entire EkoSkola team, these will provide the entire school community with a greener and more pleasant environment.

Ballut Rescuing 29.01.14

The Wardija Resource Centre EkoSkola Team organised an activity to collect Holm Oak seeds and wild growing saplings. These were carefully gathered by students and staff and were potted. These saplings will be taken care of by the students at the Centre with the hope of being able to donate them back to our country as adult trees, helping to protect and increase the forestation of indigenous trees.

Healthy Breakfast Day – 30.01.14

Similar to previous years, the healthy breakfast resource’s centre activity resulted in numerous positive results, not only it meant substantial collaboration from all the centre’s staff being involved but also it reserved an actual learning arena where students who recently obtained their food handling warrant tested and practiced related knowledge and skills.
As the activity describes, breakfast featured numerous food items of nutritional value, 90% percent of which were supplied with no charges by a number of industries found within the surrounding community. Moreover this breakfast also denoted a move from conveniently (off the shelf) prepared fruit beverages and thus highlighted the ease of making homemade smoothie out of chopped banana, milk and yoghurt. Additionally this activity did it’s best to provide and cater for a number of food allergies or intolerances, a fundamental feature which we have worked up on and which still requires additional strategies to be implemented. Conclusively, a special thanks goes to Mr. David Gauci for his commitment, dedication and participation.