Ftira Day – 29.10.14

Ftira Day Ftira Day Ftira Day

Ftira Day Ftira Day Ftira Day

Din is-sena xi studenti mill-JES u li s-sena l-oħra temmew b’suċċess il-Food Handling Course ħadu sehem b’mod iktar impenjattiv mis-soltu fil-Ftira Day. Dan għaliex l-istudenti kienu nvoluti mill-bidunett ta’ din l-attivita’ billi raw x’hemm bżonn jinxtara u xi ppreparamenti huma meħtieġa biex din l-attivitá tkun kompluta. Għalhekk ġurnata qabel l-attivitá l-istudenti flimkien mal-għalliema marru jixtru l-ingredjenti kollha. Fil-ġurnata tal-attivitá l-istudenti bdew minn filgħodu jippreparaw l-ftajjar għal sħabhom l-istudenti kif ukoll għall-għalliema. Kienet esperjenza oħra fejn l-istudenti wrew ħiliet differenti u b’hekk l-attivita’ kienet suċċess.

Noah’s Ark – 29.10.14

Noah's ArkNoah's ArkNoah's Ark

Noah's Ark=Noah's Ark Noah's Ark

Three students visited Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary on 29/10/14 on behalf of the Centre to deliver dog food and blanket donations. These were donated by the Centre’s team of students, staff and parents as part of the Centre’s Animal Awareness initiatives. Further similar activities both in-house as well as with our extended community will be held regularly at the Centre as part of our commitment towards animal awareness.

LEAF Project – 23.10.14

LEAF Project LEAF Project LEAF Project

LEAF Project LEAF Project LEAF Project

On Thursday 23rd October, three students had the opportunity to plant three Holm Oak trees at our Centre. Our aim is to safeguard indigenous trees such as Holm Oak which are very rare and are only found in the limits of Wardija and St. Paul’s Bay. The plants being planted are the ones some parents offered to foster during the summer holidays 2014. Both activities make part of the LEAF project. From this activity, the students learnt more about trees specifically about Holm Oak trees and also how to plant them.

President’s Award Ceremony – 17.10.14

President 1GroupPresident 2

Il-Premju tal-President ghall-Kreattivita’ is one of a series of measures announced in previous years aimed at strengthening Malta’s cultural and creative sectors. This initiative forms part of a diverse portfolio of schemes and initiatives to maximise the potential of Malta’s creative growth, by encouraging further employment opportunities in the cultural sectors, cultural exchange whilst promoting inclusivity and active cultural participation.

Maria Regina College Dun Manwel Attard Young Adult Education Resource Centre benefited from such Programme in 2014 with a project named ‘Feel the Vibe’. This project will entail the creation of a performance that encompasses music, theatre and singing. Based on our different abilities students’ preferred styles and through work with professionals in the respective areas, the students will have the chance to creatively explore ways of expressing themselves and together will build a series of short clips that will take the audience through the series of performances. Such performances will be open to the general public. Students will be assisted in producing musical instruments from recycled material.

Bulgarian Delegation – 13.10.14

Bulgarian DelegationBulgarian DelegationBulgarian Delegation

Bulgarian DelegationBulgarian DelegationBulgarian Delegation

Bulgarian DelegationBulgarian DelegationBulgarian Delegation

A delegation of five Bulgarian teachers visited our Resource Centre.  The main aim of this visit was to get more knowledge about educational settings for persons with different abilities.  The delegation was very impressed and interested in the activities organised by the Resource Centre – mainly they were given in-depth information about Community Based Activities (CBA), Independent Living Skills (ILS), Job Exposure and Vocational Preparation (VP) teams.  Our visitors paid special interest at the work carried out by our academic staff and praised them for their great efforts to ensure that every opportunity is given to our youngsters to succeed.  The Resource Centre staff presented some small gifts as a memento and appreciated the fact that overall our school community achievements are also appreciated by foreign visitors.

1st Parents’ Meeting – 03.10.14

Parents' Meeting Parents' Meeting Parents' Meeting

Parents' Meeting Parents' Meeting Parents' Meeting

Kreattiv Kreattiv Kreattiv

Tablets Pilot Project Tablets Pilot Project Tablets Pilot Project

The first meeting for parents was held at our Resource Centre on Friday 3rd October, 2014. Mr Nicholas Agius, Head of the Resource Centre,  introduced the first speaker, Mr Aldo Busuttil who addressed the parents about the general health and safety procedures vis-à-vis the building extension project. Views and concerns were aired by the parents present for the meeting.

A LEAF ceremony was afterwards held. Last scholastic year, a number of holm oak seeds were planted in small pots by the students at the Centre. A number of parents offered to foster these plants for the summer holidays. On the day of the ceremony, the parents returned the plants to the Centre. To show the Centre’s appreciation, a certificate was presented to all those who participated. This ceremony was prepared by the Ekoskola team and is part of the LEAF project which aims to safeguard and enhance awareness of trees. We are looking forward to involve more parents in future activities.

Kreattiv hampers were then presented to Mr Mario Testa, College Principal and to Ms Mervin Vella, Service Manager.

Mr Nicholas Agius gave a detailed explanation about this scholastic year objectives and other queries.

Mr Martin Debattista  Project Leader – Tablets and Mr Louis Vella Support Teacher from elearning addressed  the parents about the Pilot Project and presented tablets to  students.