1st Parents’ Meeting – 03.10.14

Parents' Meeting Parents' Meeting Parents' Meeting

Parents' Meeting Parents' Meeting Parents' Meeting

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Tablets Pilot Project Tablets Pilot Project Tablets Pilot Project

The first meeting for parents was held at our Resource Centre on Friday 3rd October, 2014. Mr Nicholas Agius, Head of the Resource Centre,  introduced the first speaker, Mr Aldo Busuttil who addressed the parents about the general health and safety procedures vis-à-vis the building extension project. Views and concerns were aired by the parents present for the meeting.

A LEAF ceremony was afterwards held. Last scholastic year, a number of holm oak seeds were planted in small pots by the students at the Centre. A number of parents offered to foster these plants for the summer holidays. On the day of the ceremony, the parents returned the plants to the Centre. To show the Centre’s appreciation, a certificate was presented to all those who participated. This ceremony was prepared by the Ekoskola team and is part of the LEAF project which aims to safeguard and enhance awareness of trees. We are looking forward to involve more parents in future activities.

Kreattiv hampers were then presented to Mr Mario Testa, College Principal and to Ms Mervin Vella, Service Manager.

Mr Nicholas Agius gave a detailed explanation about this scholastic year objectives and other queries.

Mr Martin Debattista  Project Leader – Tablets and Mr Louis Vella Support Teacher from elearning addressed  the parents about the Pilot Project and presented tablets to  students.