Weddings Fair – 6th to 9th November 2014

Weddings FairWeddings FairWeddings Fair

Weddings Fair Weddings FairWeddings Fair

Following the outstanding response received, the Warda Weddings section of the Dun Manwel Attard Young Adult Education Centre has this year once again participated in the Weddings’ Fair which was held at MFCC on 6th – 9th November 2014. Students had the opportunity to display their creations and were able to meet customers and present their work at par with professional companies. This experience served not only to increase awareness about the valuable work the students carry out but also allowed the students to experience and practice customer care skills, sales skills and carry out promotional tasks related to their own products. Year after year, this experience is bringing an unprecedented positive response from the public and even more so, brings great satisfaction to the Centre’s students who take pride in seeing their work being so successful with customers.

Green Leaf Ceremony – 05.11.14

Green Leaf CeremonyGreen Leaf CeremonyGreen Leaf CeremonyGreen Leaf CeremonyGreen Leaf CeremonyGreen Leaf Ceremony

On Wednesday 5th November, Maverick and Malik were given the opportunity to be part of the Green Flag Ceremony which took place at Verdala Palace. These two students represent the Ekoskola team which we are so proud of. As most of you know, last year our Centre achieved the Green flag thanks to all the students at our Centre who worked enthusiastically in order to improve our Centre’s environment. Maverick was part of the team that introduced the ceremony and he spoke in front of the audience present. Both Maverick and Malik were given the green sash as a symbol of achieving the first green flag. A green flag and a certificate were also presented to our Centre to represent our success in working in favour of a greener environment. The audience appreciated and were impressed by the presence and performance of both Maverick and Malik.​