Christmas Mass – 11.12.14

Christmas MassChristmas MassChristmas Mass

Christmas MassChristmas MassChristmas Mass

Christmas Mass was held at our Resource Centre on Thursday 11th December, 2014. The Mass was animated by the Resource Centre’s choir. Students and staff participated actively through the use of visuals such as powerpoint and Big Mac. Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr Donald Bellizzi who was assisted by one of our students Warren Cordina.

Kreattiv Award Ceremony – 10.12.14

Kreattiv Award CeremonyKreattiv Award CeremonyKreattiv Award Ceremony

Nhar l-Erbgħa 10 ta’ Diċembru żewġ studenti miċ-Ċentru tar-Riżorsi attendew għaċ-Ċerimonja ta’ Preżentazzjoni tal-fond Kreattiv f’isem l-istudenti u l-membru kollha taċ-Ċentru. Bis-saħħa ta’ dan il-fond, din is-sena ċ-Ċentru imbarka fuq il-proġetti Different Artistic Abilities u Mural Project. L-ewwel proġett jikkonsisti f’tlett spazji ta’ kreattività għall-istudenti taċ-Ċentru:

  • Id-Dance and Movement Workshops, fejn l-istudenti, flimkien ma’ professjonisti f’dan il-qasam, qegħdin jesploraw l-espressjoni ta’ dak li jħossu u dak li jixtiequ f’movimenti artistiċi;
  • Dak taċ-Ċeramika, li qed joffri għall-ewwel darba fiċ-Ċentru l-opportunità biex l-istudenti imissu l-fuħħar, jaħdmu bih hands-on u, bil-gwida tal-professjonisti, jibnu l-kreazzjonijiet tagħhom;
  • U t-tielet qasam, dak tad-Dance Therapy, jinkoraġġixxi l-istudenti biex jikkomunikaw permezz ta’ movimenti, żfin u espressjonijiet artistiċi.

Għall-Mural Project intagħżlu żewġ stejjer li fihom messaġġ edukattiv. L-istudenti magħżula qed jaħdmu mal-artist James Micallef Grimaud u l-għalliema tal-literacy u tal-Artefacts. L-istudenti ħarġu l-ħsieb tal-istejjer biex minnu għażlu tema li fuqha ser joħolqu tpinġija fuq murals. Dan il-proġett huwa parti minn proġett akbar li qed isir ma’ tliet skejjel differenti.

B’dawn il-proġetti l-istudenti jistgħu jesploraw modi oħra kif jesprimu ruħhom anke jekk dawn ma jistgħux jikkomunikaw verbalment. Il-mużika, l-arti u l-enerġija li jġibu magħhom dawn l-ispazji kreattivi għandhom is-saħħa li jinkoraġġixxu lil dawn l-istudenti biex jipparteċipaw, jgawdu u jikbru minn din l-esperjenza.

Waqt iċ-Ċerimonja l-istudenti kellhom iċ-ċans jiltaqgħu mal-Hon. Ministru tal-Kultura Owen Bonnici u ħadu din l-opportunità biex jirringrazzjawh ta’ dan ir-rikonoxximent.

Mince Pies – 09.12.14

Mince PiesMince PiesMince Pies

Mince PiesMince PiesMince Pies

Grupp ta’ ġenituri ħadu ħsieb li nippreparaw il-mince pies bħala fund raising għaċ-Ċentru. Dawn saru b’kollaborazjoni mal-istaff u l-istudenti matul din il-ġimgħa. L-istudenti kienu nvoluti fil-preparamenti tat-taħlita tal-għaġina u mlew il-mince pies. Ħadu ħsieb ukoll li jippakjaw il-mince pies f’pakketti u jqassmuhom lill-istaff u lil sħabhom l-istudenti.

Pasta Day – 05.12.14

Pasta DayPasta DayPasta Day

Pasta DayPasta DayPasta Day

Pasta DayPasta DayPasta Day

On the initiative of the School Council, Pasta Day was held for all students and staff. On the day, students had a selection of chicken-filled ravioli, tortellini in a white mushroom sauce and/or Italian cannelloni. Moreover gluten-free pasta was also available. Students and staff were encouraged to bring their own non-disposable plates and forks in order to reduce waste and help contribute towards protecting and preserving the environment. Indeed it was a successful activity that is marking itself as one of the centre’s exceptional event.

EkoSkola Annual Seminar -25.11.14

EkoSkola Annual Seminar EkoSkola Annual SeminarEkoSkola Annual Seminar

EkoSkola Annual SeminarEkoSkola Annual SeminarEkoSkola Annual Seminar

On Tuesday 25th November, ​the Secretary and the President of our Centre’s Ekoskola committee were chosen to attend the Ekoskola annual seminar. It was a very fruitful seminar as this was focused on various topics which included the following: the importance of reducing food waste, the need to protect our trees, the need to make responsible choices such as reducing the use of paper, the need to plant and grow more trees, the importance of protecting our environment as we are DEPENDENT on the environment around us.

In fact in order to promote that reducing waste is easy and practical, the event was a zero waste event where reusable glasses were provided, packets having the least packaging were chosen and recycling bins were available. Nonetheless, taps were also collected and empty packets of juice were folded to increase space.

The students had the opportunity to watch a demonstration of what is composting and how it should be done properly. Live worms were also shown performing their role in eating waste and producing soil which can be used to grow plants. On the whiteboard, they also had the opportunity to list down at least one promise of how they are going to reduce waste.

Corinthia Christmas Fair – 29th to 30th November 2014

Corinthia Christmas Fair Corinthia Christmas Fair Corinthia Christmas Fair

Corinthia Christmas Fair Corinthia Christmas Fair Corinthia Christmas Fair

The Wardija Resource Centre students took part in the Corinthia Perfect Christmas Fair 2014. This was an opportunity for them to showcase their creative work as well as engage in strengthening  their customer skills by dealing directly with the public themselves. The fair was a very positive experience. It brought great joy to the students who took part as well as pride to those who were involved behind the scenes in the preparation of the products that were displayed and/or sold on the day. Even more so, this opportunity served once more to encourage the students for the dedicated work they carry out throughout the year at the Centre.

Pizza Day – 28.11.14

Pizza Day Pizza Day Pizza Day

Pizza Day Pizza Day Pizza Day

The staff at Wardija firmly believe in a sense of solidarity and fostering the values of helping others within the students. A Pizza Day was therefore organised in aid of Istrina at the end of November. Several students were involved in collecting the orders from both staff and students. They helped to organise the orders and to collect and distribute the pizzas.

The Pizza Day was integrated with another ongoing activity; the European Week for Waste Reduction. Staff and students were encouraged to bring their own non-disposable plates and forks in order to reduce waste and help contribute towards protecting and preserving the environment.

A total of €157.50 was collected from this event.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents, guardians and staff who contributed towards this event.