Holm Oak Saplings

Holm Oak Saplings (1) Holm Oak Saplings (4) Holm Oak Saplings (5)

40 Endemic Holm Oak saplings were donated to the Parks Department to be planted at Buskett. These saplings have grown from seeds collected by the Centre’s EkoSkola students from the Wardija region and were planted and taken care of by the Centre’s Gardening Unit and Forest Team (LEAF) with great care and attention. During summer parents also took part in fostering these young plants. The students continued to nurture them during this scholastic year. Eventually they will be able to enjoy them as fully grown trees at Buskett.

Pictures of this event were taken by James Cachia and Malik Hussein who are part of the Young Reporters for the Environment Team (YRE) and who’s aim is to report on the school’s environmental issues and activities.

EkoSkola LEAF Initiative – SVDP – 26.03.15

EkoSkola Leaf Initiative EkoSkola Leaf Initiative (2) EkoSkola Leaf Initiative (3)

EkoSkola Leaf Initiative (4) EkoSkola Leaf Initiative (5) EkoSkola Leaf Initiative (6)

EkoSkola Leaf Initiative (7) EkoSkola Leaf Initiative (8) EkoSkola Leaf Initiative (9)

EkoSkola Leaf Initiative (10) EkoSkola Leaf Initiative (11) EkoSkola Leaf Initiative (14)

As part of the Centre’s EkoSkola’s LEAF initiatives and in collaboration with the Centre’s JES Team, a team of students from the Centre visited the St. Vincent De Paul Residence where they took part in the planting of a number of herbs. The students had the opportunity to learn about indigenous flora as well as to practice gardening skills while working in a team with their peers. The initiative was carried out as part of a long-term project in collaboration with the Residence and every student that participated, brought a stone from the Centre’s garden which they symbolically placed in the area that they worked on. This recreational space at the St. Vincent De Paul Residence will now be dedicated to the Centre and its students and will serve as a peaceful space for the residents and their guests to enjoy. A commemorative ceremony to award the students for the commitment will also be held in the near future.

Young Reporters for the Environment – 26.03.15

Blooming - photo by Sherica Asare-001 All cuddled up - Photo by Warren Cordina-001 Can i have a coffee too - Photo by Mark Fenech-001

Canned soil photo by Malik Hussein-001 Can't wait to be seated photo by Joy Crystal Gauci-001 Coffee time- Photo by Warren Cordina-001

from the bottom of my heart- Photo by Maverick Pace-001 Haven't been squeezed enough - photo by Warren Cordina-001 Hide...the big face is looking again - photo by Emanuel Camilleri-001

Hiding place - photo by Leanne Fenech-001 Hurry Hurry - Photo by Mark Fenech-001 I cannot dry too - Photo by Emanuel Camilleri-001

I want to break free - Photo by Christian Abela-001 I'm suffocating - Photo by Matthew Lebrun-001Left alone - I wonder what's outside - Photo by Aurelia Zammit-001

locked up in car - photo by Brian Tonna-001 Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest of us all - Photo by Aurelia Zammit-001 May I look around too - Photo by Christian Abela-001

misplaced - Photo by Leanne Fenech-001 Not in the right place - Photo by Emanuel Camilleri-001 One Direction - photo by Manfred Fucile-001

Reaching the sky - Photo by James Cachia-001 re-light my fire- Photo by Warren Cordina-001 Rusty and Busty photo by Chris Debono-001

Slipped in the green - Photo by Emanuel Camilleri-001 Through the lillies - photo by Emanuel Camilleri-001 Wasting Waters - Photo by Brian Tonna-001

Beautiful flowers photo by Ryan Vella Easter Eggs Photo by Kathleen Pisani Electricity magics - photo by Svetlana Micallef

Garden Pathways - Photo by Kelly Ann Azzopardi Green Patch - Isolated photo by Marisa Zammit

Keep Safe - Photo by Terence Borg Under the Sea - Photo by Andrew Camilleri I wash you and you wash me

wrapped up - photo by Sherica Asare-001Hidden well enough

As part of our Centre’s Commitment towards environmental education, students attended a photography training course that was held on the 16th, 24th and 25th of March. The course was delivered by trained professionals from the YRE Malta team (within Nature Trust). YRE project ‘Young Reporters for the Environment – is a project that aims to carry out investigations on local environmental issues and propose solutions through investigative reporting and photojournalism.

Thanks to this initiative, the students had the opportunity not only to learn more about photography but will also take an active role during upcoming green events organised by the Centre by being one of the Centre’s Young Reporters for the Environment.

During the training course the students took very good and professional photos. Some of these photos will eventually be submitted to YRE Malta and can be published in the ‘YRE newsletter’ and in local and international competitions with the possibility of winning prizes

Foresta 2000 – 23.03.15

Foresta 2000Foresta 2000Foresta 2000foresta 2000Foresta 2000IMG_0963

Students from the Centre visited the Nature 2000 site at Ghadira in Mellieha. This site is a rich place hosting indigenous trees, flora and fauna. We toured the site with the help of the warden Mr. Ray Vella. The students enjoyed going though the passageways observing trees namely aleppo pine, lentisk, and narrow-leaved ash, observed flora like bermuda buttercup, blue pimpernel, thistle and flield gladiolus and fauna like butterflies. Finally we donated a holm oak shrub that was cultivated at our centre and had the opportunity to sow it there.

Sports’ Day – 18.03.15

BadmintonBalloon GameBaseball 2


GymnasticsPenalty Shoot OutWater Obstacle Race 1

Water Obstacle RaceWater Relay RaceZumba

All students attending Wardija Resource Centre participated in the second SPORTS’ DAY for this scholastic year. Sports’ Day was held at Kirkop Sports Complex and as in past years, students had the opportunity to take part in various physical activities. These included Baseball, Basketball, Badminton, Penalty Shoot Out, Balloon Game, Water Obstacle Race and Water Relays. In the second part, students could choose a sport from Football, Zumba and Gymnastics. Parents/carers were also invited and they had the opportunity to take part and enjoy themselves together with our students.

Duke of Edinburgh Award – First Aid Course – 23rd to 27th February 2015

First Aid CourseFirst Aid CourseFirst Aid Course

First Aid CourseFirst Aid CourseFirst Aid Course

The JES Team organised a Basic First Aid Course for students that are running (or are interested in running) for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. This course covered topics such as basic life support, how to deal with bleeding, burns and other related topics. The students who attended the course participated with great enthusiasm and showed keen interest in the material and practical work presented.

Gardening Unit

Gardening Unit (1)Gardening Unit (3)Gardening Unit (5)

Gardening Unit (7)Gardening Unit (10)Gardening Unit (11)

Gardening Unit (13)Gardening Unit (23)Gardening Unit (14)

These are a sample of the many activities that happen at the Gardening Unit at our Resource Centre.. Our students look very forward to participate in hands on interactive sessions namely, watering plants, sowing, preparing soil, caring for house animals, separating waste, composting, and many more. Our students collaborate also with local NGOs within the environment field. They really enjoy our Resource Centre’s  garden.