Parents’ Meeting – 22.05.15

Parents' Meeting 22.05 (9) Parents' Meeting 22.05 (2) Parents' Meeting 22.05 (7)

Parents' Meeting 22.05 (5) Parents' Meeting 22.05 (6) Parents' Meeting

A meeting for parents was held in our Resource Centre on Friday 22nd May, 2015. Mr Nicholas Agius, head of the Resource Centre updated the parents with the latest developments with regards to the building extension. Works related to the building extension are due to start in the coming days. The Foundation for Tomorrow Schools (FTS) and the Ministry for Education and Employment are taking all the necessary measures in order to safe guard the Health and Safety of all involved. FTS has identified a Health and Safety company, which will ensure that health and safety standards are respected to the full. Ms Martha Quattromani then addressed the parents in connection with the Customer Care Course being done with students.

Leaf Jury Visit – 20.05.15

Leaf Jury Visit 1 Leaf Jury Visit 2 Leaf Jury Visit

On Wednesday 20th May, the Ekoskola team had the LEAF jury where a team of people from Ekoskola visited our Centre and asked a number of questions to the Ekoskola students in relation to the project LEAF. The students’ aims of this project were to enhance the appreciation of trees, put gardening skills into practice at the Centre and outside and also to grow and plant more trees around Malta and Gozo. They responded to every question being asked with confidence and discussed what they did throughout this year with confidence. The team praised all the work that they have done and enthusiasm the students have to protect trees. In fact, the students who represent the whole Centre achieved the LEAF award for the first time

JES – Independent Travel Activity – 20.05.15

Public Transport Experience (1)Public Transport Experience (2)Public Transport Experience (3)

Public Transport Experience (4) Public Transport Experience (5) Public Transport Experience (6)

This year’s JES Independent Travel Activity was held on 20thMay 2015. This is a yearly initiative organised by the JES Team as part of its efforts to promote students’ independence and enhance their involvement in society. The students who participated in this initiative made use of public transport to travel independently from their hometown to Valletta. They had to carry out the steps related to the use of public transport, such as identifying the bus stop, selecting the bus number and purchasing their own ticket independently and following their trip, they met at a pre-assigned location with members of our team in Valletta.

From there, the students who were carrying out this activity for their second consecutive year, also proceeded with the second part of their trip. This involved once again making use of public transport, this time to travel from Valletta to Burmarrad. 4 students were participating in this part of the exercise. Together, they had rehearsed travelling to this destination throughout the year and were now carrying out this journey independently as a team.

The students who on the other hand were carrying out this exercise for the first time, which this year were 2, proceeded to celebrating their accomplishment by taking a trip on the Valletta to Sliema ferry and once there, celebrating their success at an outlet in the area.

All the students who participated in this ambitious activity performed to high standards. Most of them reached their destinations on time and all were excited and proud to have accomplished this feat. The level of satisfaction and the boost to one’s self-esteem that performing such an activity can bring is not to be underestimated and it was evident from the students’ response that having been entrusted with this task and having been able to carry it out successfully has brought them a well-deserved level of unparalleled accomplishment and satisfaction.