Corporate Social Responsibility – Noah’s Ark – 23.05.15

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The Centre’s annual Corporate Social Responsibility activity was this year held on 23rd May 2015 at Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary. Members of the Centre’s team and its extended community spent the morning at the Sanctuary where they carried out voluntary work to help feed, clean and walk the rescued dogs that are being given shelter at this refuge. The Head of the Resource Centre together with the Centre’s Resource Worker and a number of staff members, parents and students all worked as a team towards this noble cause. In addition to the work carried out, a generous donation was also made on behalf of the Resource Centre and food and blankets that were collected from staff and parents also were also donated. The Centre values the benefits that interacting with animals can bring and works hard to provide Animal Therapy services to its students. This activity helped our team explore this area further while enhancing teamwork and carrying out helpful work in our community.

Waste Free BBQ – 22.05.15

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On Friday 22nd May 2015, the School Council together with the staff and the EkoSkola team organised a Waste-Free BBQ at our Centre. The team has worked very hard to improve their impact on the environment and therefore asked all those attending the BBQ to support them in this green initiative by replacing any disposable items with the following for the event:

• Cloth napkins (instead of paper napkins)

• Reusable drinking bottles and drinking cups (instead of one time use only bottles)

• Washable plate and small bowl (instead of plastic or paper ones)

• Reusable metal or plastic eating utensils – fork, knife and spoon (instead of disposables)

Similar to last year, this BBQ was organised instead of the token that the students were usually given on Celebration Day. Thus this activity, sponsored by the School Council, was free of charge for the students. Parents were invited to join and celebrate with their children this joyous occasion. Food included a starter of Maltese food, hot dog, potato salad, coleslaw, ice-cream and a soft drink.