YRE Competition

Adam chosen with name  Andre chosen with name  Cheyenne chosen with name

Chiara chosen with name.jpg in the middle  Christabelle chosen with name  Daniel chosen with name

Fathalla chosen with name  Felio chosen with name  Gabriel Farrugia chosen with name A Call for help

Gabriel Zarb with name  Harrison chosen with name  Isaac chosen with name

Jeremy chosen with name  Justin chosen with name  Kelly chosen with name

Leanne chosen with name  Lian chosen with name  Manuel chosen with name

Michael chosen with name  Nathan chosen with name  Alessia chosen with name

Harrison Bugeja - Pesticides...Danger in a bottle but safe in my food (19 years) with name





Young Reporters for the Environment project offers a unique opportunity for the students not only to report about the local environment through various media such as photos but also to become more aware of what’s affecting the environment badly and what’s not. Through this project our students had the opportunity to express their photography skills – some of them continued to improve their skills whilst others started to familiarise themselves . By giving them the right tools, our students who attend our Resource Centre had the opportunity to make people reflect whether our actions are affecting the environment positively or negatively. Through photography, they pass on the message that the world can change if each one of us tries his best to take care of the environment – the world we live in. So enjoy watching the students’ photos…. and don’t forget to start act now! It’s never too late!

These photos have been submitted for YRE competition.