Active School Flag Award

BRONZE AWARD – 6th June 2018

Two of our students represented our Centre to proudly receive the  Active School Flag .This award was given as a result of the centre’s  initiatives and commitment to organize several activites and events during the scholastic year.  The students were provided with knowledge and practise for  a healthier life style and more active time,to ensure that sports, physical activity and wellbeing  plays an important part in their developement and  educational experience.


31st May 2018-Parent and Student Activity

31st of May…A day filled with outdoor activities with the the parents on board.The day started off with a clean up around our Organic Garden ,whilst others did some gardening.In the meantime the students enjoyed some time with our regular visitors … the ponies….The day ended with a gather up of all the students,staff and parents in order to enjoy a grilled meal together.Thanks to all those who participated and also to those who worked endlessly for the day to be a success.