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Click here to view a short video clip featuring the Science Fair Exhibition that was broadcasted on TVM News of May 3rd, 2011.

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As part of a College Based event, Wardija Resource Centre participated in a science activity, where students were asked to organise and present a science stand at St. Paul’s Bay Primary School.

Five students from our Resource Centre took part in this activity; Nathaniel Piscopo, Edwin Scicluna, Leanne Fenech, Jason Abdilla and Sherika Asare. They were assisted by Ms. Cristina Barbara and Ms. Rachel Bajada.

It was decided that our stand would present the process of infusion through making herbal oil, and the Wardija students would explain this process to the students visiting our stand. The ingredients were bought and students were able to make the herbal oil themselves. Each student was given a script and this was practiced during the process of making the herbal oil to be used for tasting during the science activity itself. Various charts were made which were then displayed at St. Paul’s Bay school. These were also used to explain the process of infusion and making herbal oil to the visiting students . 

During the science activity, students from the different schools of Maria Regina College visited our stand. Our students explained the process of infusion to the other mainstream students. They then demonstrated the process of making herbal oil and how infusion resulted in the scent and taste of the herbs entering the oil and changing its scent and taste.

Once the oil was made, students were given the opportunity to taste the herbal oil made by Wardija students a few months prior to the activity. In order to summarise the event, leaflets that described the process of infusion and gave some informatin on herbal oil were distributed to the visiting students. Wardija students then asked the visiting Teachers whether they would like to purchase a bottle of herbal oil!

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