Sports Day delight at Cottonera Sports Complex

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The Wardija Young Adult Resource Centre held its Annual Sports Day on June 23rd, 2011, alongside the Guardian Angel Secondary Resource Centre. Sports Day was held at the Cottonera Sports Arena for all the students, in an atmosphere of fun and entertaining games for all, away from the usual daily routine.

Guardian Angel Students      Football      Tug-of-War

Our students participated in several sport activities such as games involving hoola-hoops, water games, relays, hockey, football and tug-of-war, among others. Accompanying music kept the beat up as the students enjoyed themselves whilst engaging in physical activity.

Sport is being given a lot of promotion nowadays, as it is so important and needed by all students. It forms part of every curriculum that emphasises healthy lifestyles and holistic education. In our Sports Day there were no winners or losers – showing respect to our opponents and fair play were among the virtues the Centre embraces profusely.

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