The Homes and Interiors Fair & Weddings Fair – 2013

Homes Fair standDSC_1362

This year the Centre had the opportunity to participate in The Homes and Interiors as well as the Weddings Fair held at MFCC, Ta’ Qali. The Homes and Interiors Fair was held between Thursday 24th October and Sunday 27th.October, 2013 while the Weddings Fair was held between Thursday 7th November and Sunday 10th November. The stands used by the Resource Centre were distinctively different from the rest of the exhibitors since they were the only stands where the exhibitors were students.

The students participating in the fairs attend Dun Manwel Attard Young Adult Education Resource Centre at Wardija and together with members of staff they presented to the public a range of items including souvenirs, invitations, confetti and other personalised and custom-made items usually associated with weddings.

These items are manufactured by the students themselves with the active participation of the staff. While the students have acquired particular skills in the manufacture of such items, the management of the Resource Centre wanted to exploit the potential of the students by going one step further. Besides manufacturing the items, the students were encouraged to participate in the fair to do the actual marketing ranging from meeting the public to explaining the benefits of placing an order with the Resource Centre. This gave them the opportunity to develop further the learning taking place at the Centre.

All the students participating in the Fair were expected to attend a briefing session presented by members of staff. During this session information regarding the range of products was provided to the students. This ensured that they would be able to explain in a professional manner to persons making enquiries about the range of products on display. Emphasis was also made on the fact that the Centre would be able to provide a personalised service to prospective clients. The information session also included presentations on how to communicate effectively with those making enquiries as well as the dress code to be adopted by those representing the Centre at the Fair.

Although the students and staff attending the Fair were kept very busy with the constant flow of persons making enquiries about the products as well as wanting to know more about the Centre, all found this experience enjoyable as well as stimulating further learning. Finally, one must also mention the role of parents of students participating in the Fair who willingly agreed to bringing and taking their sons/daughters to and from the MFCC at Ta’ Qali.

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