Surprise Visit by Gianluca Bezzina – 16.12.13

Gian Luca Bezzina 1 from yaerc on Vimeo.

Monday 16th. January, 2013 was a very special day at Dun Manwel Attard Young Adult Education Resource Centre. Everyone knew that a special surprise was to take place on the day. But the question that was being asked by all was “what kind of surprise?”

Each day the learners attending the Centre gather in the Hall for morning assembly before going to their classrooms. But on this day they were told to remain in the Hall since a music programme was to be presented with the active participation of the Centre’s choir. A selection of hits by Abba from the movie Mamma Mia followed by songs from the Maltese participation in the Eurovision were presented to the audience. The last song scheduled for the programme was Tomorrow by Gianluca Bezzina. As soon as the first chords of the song were played, Gianluca himself came on stage and joined the choir!

At first the members of the choir as well as the audience could barely believe what they were seeing. Gianluca was here with all of us at the Resource Centre. His presence generated a feeling of happiness in all of us. Gianluca is a very special person who with his easy manner manages in his inimitable way to make his audience privileged.

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