EkoSkola Annual Seminar -25.11.14

EkoSkola Annual Seminar EkoSkola Annual SeminarEkoSkola Annual Seminar

EkoSkola Annual SeminarEkoSkola Annual SeminarEkoSkola Annual Seminar

On Tuesday 25th November, ​the Secretary and the President of our Centre’s Ekoskola committee were chosen to attend the Ekoskola annual seminar. It was a very fruitful seminar as this was focused on various topics which included the following: the importance of reducing food waste, the need to protect our trees, the need to make responsible choices such as reducing the use of paper, the need to plant and grow more trees, the importance of protecting our environment as we are DEPENDENT on the environment around us.

In fact in order to promote that reducing waste is easy and practical, the event was a zero waste event where reusable glasses were provided, packets having the least packaging were chosen and recycling bins were available. Nonetheless, taps were also collected and empty packets of juice were folded to increase space.

The students had the opportunity to watch a demonstration of what is composting and how it should be done properly. Live worms were also shown performing their role in eating waste and producing soil which can be used to grow plants. On the whiteboard, they also had the opportunity to list down at least one promise of how they are going to reduce waste.

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