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Dun Manwel Attard Education Resource Centre is a state school which is incorporated within Maria Regina College structure.  We adhere and implement to the full the College and other national policies.

The premises were officially opened on the 27th March, 1983, branching off from the E.S.N. school at Msida. It was envisaged to take students from the northern part of the island.

In 2005 the Inclusive and Special Education Review appraised the situation in special schools and in line with the Salamanca Statement (1994) recommended that these schools should be restructured and developed into Resource Centres.

Currently Dun Manwel Attard Young Adults Education Resource Centre caters for ninety-four (94) students having diverse special needs and multi-disabilities. Our students come from all over the island.

The students come from different social backgrounds with different social and educational needs. We strive to meet the individual educational needs of every student.

In their daily task of classroom management teachers and LSAs do their best to involve pupils in setting rules, in celebrating and rewarding pupils’ achievement and in transmitting an aura of trust, appreciation, equality and fairness amongst pupils. When anything goes wrong or needs attention, the parents, through the Head of School, are kept continuously informed and necessary action taken immediately. This fosters a sense of security, trust and reliability.

At Dun Manwel Attard, Young Adult Education Resource Centre we do our best to create an environment that is developmentally appropriate, predictable, and stable. We make every effort to provide extra support to children facing times of stress.  We also acknowledge that if a child expresses challenging behaviour, this will not mean that it will feature throughout his whole life.  We believe that challenging behaviour is not due to bad parenting.  We agree that we need to be patient and persevere in order to see a slight difference.  Common strategies must be used by all guardians who are involved with the child.

Our staff aims to promote Positive Behaviour all around the Center’s premises.

This is done by:

(i) offering a safe and secure environment.

(ii) modelling positive behaviour and by treating youngsters with respect. This is done by building up a positive relationship with them.  We acknowledge that students react well to routines and boundaries.

Establishing and maintaining rules and routines in the classroom requires a good deal of effort from the Centre staff.

(iii) develop clear and simple classroom rules.

(iv) catch them being good and praise or reward them for this.

(v) use of rewards.

(vi) plan for routines and transitions.

(vii) giving clear instructions – verbal and written.



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