The IEVP (Individual Educational Vocational Programme) is designed to meet the unique educational needs of every student. This helps students to reach educational and vocational goals more easily than they otherwise would. In all cases, IEVPs undertaken are tailored to the identified individual student’s needs and must especially help teachers, parents and other related service providers to understand the student’s needs and how these affect the learning process.

The IEVP aims to describe how the student learns, how the student best demonstrates that learning is being achieved and what the teaching staff is expected to do to help the student learn more effectively. Key considerations in developing an IEVP include observing and assessing students in all areas so as to develop goals and objectives that correspond to the needs of the student.

Our IEVPs are regularly maintained and evaluated and if need be updated. It is our aim to enhance the student in full participation within the group and give the individual student, with the important backing and input of parents, the specialised approach to achieve ultimate results, maintaining also the freedom for the student to interact with and participate in activities of his or her peers.

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