Transition Programme

The Resource Centre ensures that our students are prepared to venture on future challenges life offers beyond their schooling experience.

 Tasks carried out are threefold. Students are prepared for:

(A).  The World of Work;

(B).  Entrance into other local Educational Establishments;

(C).  Entrance into Ability Training Centres for Adults.


(A).  The World of Work:

Students are prepared for the world of work by:

(i). Being given job experiences in various work settings (e.g. Old People’s Homes, Local Councils, Nurseries, etc.);

(ii). Setting up a compilation of students’ portfolios;

(iii). Ensuring that students master employability skills that enhance more job opportunities through centre-based and community-based activities;

(iv). Ensuring awareness of support services (e.g. ETC – Supported Employment, KNPD services, etc.) through information and guidance to all stakeholders.


(B).  Other Educational Establishments:

The Resporce Centre through the Vocational Exploration Co-ordinator ensures that our students are made aware of other local educational establishments (e.g. MCAST- Pathway to Independent Living Programme) and help them to move to such establishments.


(C).  Ability Training Centres:

Students who cannot make it to the world of work, but who could benefit more by attending Ability Training Centres, would have special ‘Vocational Profiles’ set-up. The ‘Vocational Exploration’ co-ordinator compiles these students’ profiles and liaises with the persons who are responsible for the Ability Training Centres to ensure and facilitate a smooth transition.

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