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  1. The European Parliament Liaison Office would like to invite you to an information session on opinion multiplier groups: possibilities that exist to organise group visits to Brussels with the caveat that they would need to organise some multiplier activities upon their return.

    Subject to the availability of funds in the budget, the Visits and Seminars Unit (VISSEM) of the Directorate-General for Communication of the European Parliament may invite and sponsor opinion multiplier groups (OMGs) to visit the EP and to further develop the participants’ knowledge about the European Parliament and the European Union. The sponsorship is subject to the following conditions:

    General criteria

    1. Group participants must be citizens of the European Union or nationals of candidate countries. The participants must be at least 14 years old on the day of their visit.
    2. A minimum of 20 and a maximum of 40 persons per group can be sponsored. This financial contribution can also be used for (non-sponsored) accompanying visitors who are taking part in the same program.
    3. The entire group must take on opinion multiplying activities upon its return and send to the VISSEM Unit a dissemination activities report (e.g. articles in newspapers, Facebook posts, blog entries, exhibitions, seminars etc.) within 3 months following their visit.

    And here is the link to the events page:

    Hope to see you there!



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