Dinja Waħda


Dinja Waħda is a project initiated by Birdlife Malta where schools around Malta and Gozo help to promote awareness about the environment among young people. Awareness is created by making young people aware of the impact on the environment, by knowing how to protect wildlife and habitats and by taking responsibility for their actions. Furthermore young people will learn more how to create a sustainable future. All this was carried out through interactive activities throughout this scholastic year 2014/2015 mostly school based and were integrated with lessons by different teachers. There are certain outings that were organised such as FORESTA 2000, Xemxija Hill, Ghadira, Simar Nature Reserve and Comino. All activities focus on nature, habitats and the environment and one can click on each one of them on the left hand side of this website. These will eventually contribute to gain as many as points as possible resulting in awards. This project is helping our Centre to enhance further the environmental awareness of our youngsters.

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