Specialised Rooms

Resources or services available at Dun Manwel Attard Young Adult Education Resource Centre include:

–        Multi Sensory Studio

–        Sensory Motor Room (Occupational therapy)

–        Specialised software and hardware

–        Communication aides

–        Multi-Purpose Gym

–        ICT room

–        Specialised seating system for students with physical disabilities

–        Nursing service

–        Speech and Language services

–        Sensory Integration Aids

–        Standing frames

–        Classrooms with adjoining toileting facilities

–        Transport facilities and tail lift vans


Sensory Motor Room:

Sensory Motor RoomSensory Motor RoomSensory Motor RoomSensory Motor RoomSensory Motor Room






Multi-Sensory Studio:

Multi-Sensory Studio

Multi-Sensory StudioMulti-Sensory Studio






What is a multi-sensory environment?:

Multi-sensory environments are specialised rooms … “where stimulation can be controlled, manipulated, intensified, reduced, presented in isolation or combination, packaged for active or passive interaction and temporally matched to fit the perceived motivation, interests, leisure, relaxation, therapeutic and/or educational needs of the user” (Pagliano, 1998). It can take a variety of physical, psychological and sociological forms. The environment is built to fit the needs of the student. Stimulation is fashioned to appeal to the student’s sense abilities.

Multi-sensory Stimulation:

Stimulation is multi-sensory when it appeals to more than one sense modality. The environment can be controlled and modified according to the needs and wants of the student.

Multi-Sensory Studio

Multi-Sensory StudioMulti-Sensory Studio






The Multi Sensory Environments at Wardija:

The soft environment is a room were students can develop vestibular stimulation and proprioceptive stimulation whilst sessions can target relaxation or increase ones level of arousal.

Multi-sensory rooms for education, stimulation and fun:

Multi-sensory studios evolved in the early 1980s. A multi-sensory room is a stimulating multi media environment, specifically designed to encourage people to use and explore their senses – whatever their level of ability.

Multi-Sensory StudioMulti-Sensory StudioMulti-Sensory Studio






Sensory involvement helps people develop and grow:

A multi-sensory room supports the positive development of people across a wide range of specific needs:

  • Those with profound multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) find that sensory equipment helps them find out about the world around them in a highly practically yet entertaining way
  • People with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) learn to interact with their surroundings in a safe, uncluttered and unthreatening environment, at their own pace
  • Adults and children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) gain useful insights about concentration and focus while exploring and having fun
  • Those with a visual impairment (VI) benefit from experimenting and interacting freely with lights, sounds, smells and exciting tactile materials
  • Individuals with emotional and behavioural disorders (EBD) enjoy the variety of sensory experiences, which helps them express and centre their emotions as well as learning useful coping strategies.

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