Scholastic Year 2017 – 2018

Head of Resource Centre

Mr N Agius

Assistant Head

Ms A Bugeja

Resource Worker

Mr J Gauci


Ms A Balzan – Work Expo/PSCD

Ms D Cauchi – IT/ILS

Mr S Cutajar – Music/CBA/Literacy

Ms Y Cassar – PSCD/ILS/CBA/Dance

Mr C Grech – Work Expo/Art

Mr K Spiteri – Office Work/PSCD/CBA

Ms A Azzopardi – ILS/CBA/Numeracy


Ms O Formosa – Gardening/IT/CBA

Mr C Vella – Pottery/D&T

Ms S Cacciattolo – Work Expo/ILS

Ms Y Agius – Science/Music

Mr J Vella – PE/Art/CBA

Ms J Vella Dolci – Art/PSCD/Literacy

Ms J Zammit – Stepping Stone Class

Learning Support Assistants

Ms N Vella

Ms A M Vassallo

Ms J Falzon

Ms J Scicluna

Ms M Falzon

Ms L Vassallo

Ms J Schembri

Ms J Spiteri

Ms A Pisani

Mr D Schembri

Mr J Vella

Ms N Cuschieri

Mr J Cini

Ms R Bugeja

Ms C Caruana

Mr J Gauci

Ms C Cini

Ms M Attard

Ms R Cassar

Ms C Camilleri

Learning Support Assistants

Ms F Farrugia

Ms H Chilton

Ms J Vella

Ms A Vella

Mr M Bigeni

Ms B Fenech

Mr M Grech

Ms J Bonnici

Ms L Sammut

Ms R M Zammit

Mr K Pawley

Ms R Friggieri

Ms J Fenech

Ms T Aquilina

Ms K Caruana

Ms D Borg

Ms D Magri

Ms Y Shehati

Ms M Xuereb

Ms R Bezzina

School Nurse


Ms J Galea

General Hand

Mr M Debono


Mr M Fenech

Part-Time Cleaner

Ms L Gauci

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